Bailey Frumen, named 'Top 20 Life Coaches' by Popexpert.com, brings you her newest book, Own Your Power.


Are you where you want to be in your life? Where you thought you’d be? Are you fulfilled?


What could you create if you were able to leverage the unlimited power within you?


Own Your Power outlines the 7 steps you need to:

  • Identify what’s been holding you back

  • Get clear about your vision

  • Take action on accomplishing your goals

With real life success stories and Bailey’s relatable and supportive approach, Own Your Power is the perfect first step toward creating a life you love.

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"Before coaching with Bailey, I was struggling with keeping myself clear and focused on the actions that would drive and grow my business. I knew I wanted to start generating certain revenues but felt they were beyond my reach. Like so many other people, all I want is the gift of financial freedom and flexibility in my life. For me, part of that includes getting out there in a bigger way (e.g., speaking) and Bailey is the perfect role model for that!”

Cat StanickMaryland

“Working with Bailey has been the best gift I have ever given myself! Before we started our work together I was stuck, depressed, and desperately trying to discover my purpose and path. Then Bailey came into my life and this magical world of possibilities opened up for me. She has this amazing gift of listenging to my thoughts and helping me tune into their real message and clearly responded with true intention."

Christine Haskin Chicago

“Before I began coaching with Bailey, I felt very confused and kind of lost as to how to go about changing my mindset and finding work that I love. I really struggled with what I truly wanted in life. In coaching with Bailey things have definitely shifted. I feel much more optimistic and have made more moves towards the life I want. Even in this short time that we’ve worked together you have changed my life for the better and I am SO thankful to have found you!!”

Denise Del RussoNew Jersey 

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Meet Bailey

Named one of “The Top 20 Mindful Life Coaches to Watch” by Popexpert.com, Bailey’s goal is to leverage her 10+ years of experience in psychotherapy to make a difference in the lives of ambitious individuals who are stressed, uncertain, or overwhelmed.

As a therapist, lifestyle design coach, and author, she has made it her purpose to guide ambitious individuals in creating a life they love.

I believe life should flow around the people, places, and activities that light you up like fireworks.”

You’re not here to dim your light. Your life should flow around the people, places and activities that light you up like fireworks.

Like so many, Bailey realized through her own personal struggles that she did NOT want her entire life dictated by a “to-do” list. She decided to pave her own way toward newfound freedom by taking a step back and focusing on the important stuff – health, love, and happiness.

Since then she’s helped dozens of people do the same.

“Let’s work together to get clear about your vision for what you want your life to look and feel like. Watch your whole world transform into the freedom you always knew existed!”

Ready for more freedom in your life?

“It’s my goal to guide you in turning your dreams into your reality. In my newest book Own Your Power, I will show you the exact steps you need to learn how to create a
life that you love and live every day on your own terms.

Bailey Frumen, MSW, LCSW's work has been published in Huffington Post, Elephant Journal, Aspire Magazine, Natural Awakenings, Popexpert, and numerous guest blogs. Bailey has been featured in IOpening To Gratitude & Grace anthology through Inspired Living Publishing.

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