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Meet Bailey, Life Coach

Named one of “The Top 20 Mindful Life Coaches to Watch in 2015” by Popexpert.com. It’s my goal to make a difference in the lives of women who are stressed, uncertain, or overwhelmed.

As a life coach, psychotherapist, lifestyle design coach, and author, I will be your guide to creating a life you love. I believe life should flow around the people, places, and activities that light you up like fireworks.

You’re not here to dim your light. You’re here to have the courage to create a life you LOVE.

Guiding ambitious women to create a life they love is my genius zone. You’re in the right place if you want more:

*Freedom in your everyday life
*Fun – Remember that?
*Connection to yourself and your soul sisters
*Happiness because you did things your way

I wasn’t always this happy. Just a few years ago, I was working 3 jobs, 12-14 hours a day, 6-7 days a week. I was so disconnected to myself, I had no clue what made me happy or the gusto to go for it. My sleep was out of whack. I felt stressed, fried and frustrated. Something had to change.

I realized I did NOT want my entire life dictated by a “to-do” list. I decided to pave my own way toward newfound freedom. I took a step back and focused on the important stuff – health, love, and happiness.

I got clear about my vision for what I wanted my life to look and feel like. I worked less hours and watched my whole world transform into a freedom I always knew existed. I’m here to help you do the same.

Ready for more freedom in your life?

Head on over to learn more about the amazing women who have worked with me along this transformational journey.

It’s my goal to work with you and turn your dreams into your reality. I want you to have a life that you love and to live every day on your own terms.

Wanna know more? Check out this deep-dive interview to learn more.

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With a blend of life experience, intuitive guidance and a desire to help others find fulfillment,
I create customized coaching sessions to help you reach your goals.


Ready to say ‘Good-bye!’ to stress, frustration, and feeling stagnant?

If you want an amazing life filled with days you can’t wait to wake up and start, I’m here to provide you with the tools to create your Life Love Roadmap.

It’s your turn to decide if this year, you are going to go for it and follow your bliss!



  • Thank you for helping me remember all of the things I’ve wanted for my life that I somehow forgot. This workshop helped me figure how to live the life I know I want to in a tangible way. There is neither judgment nor assumption in the workshop and I came out of the room feeling that everything I want is possible.

    -Avery, Connecticut
  • Bailey’s energy is captivating. This retreat is going to be fabulous!

    – Lisa Matthews, co-owner, Monmouth Beach Yoga and Wellness
  • Bailey served as a coach to me in utilizing individual strengths and gifts to foster personal development in others. Through her guidance and mentorship, my dreams are now realities.

    -Jessica Ford, Fitness Focus
  • I love how Bailey has a bubbly, fun vibe but can immediately zero in on your needs and provide warm, loving support in that area. I connected to her immediately, and became addicted to her radiant energy. She empowers you to celebrate the joys of life, and I just love her!

    -Becca Guthrie Piastrelli, The Dabblist.com
  • Bailey’s energy is infectious ! She’s whip-smart and has an incredible passion for helping people live to their fullest potential. Her own journey has given her the perfect opportunity to really delve into what it takes to get clear on what you want out of life & really map out a path to go get it ! Super excited to watch Bailey’s awesomeness unfold.

    -Linzi Wilson, Business Coach, Hello Glow Coaching
  • Bailey is such a rockstar! I love working with her and getting to witness her amazing wisdom, patience, and charm. She is a born leader and an AMAZING coach! She has the perfect ability to help you see the light through any struggle and relax into a more confident way of being no matter how far away a solution may seem. Any chance to work with her is truly a gift I always leave inspired and fired up. LOVE her!

    -Karmen Horton
  • Working with Bailey has been nothing but pure joy. Her positive outlook on life and her connection and passion to her work it constantly pouring out of her. If you are looking for a roadmap to the good life, Bailey will help you find your way!

    – Rachel Pesso, Brand Development & Visual Storyteller



Take charge of creating your extraordinary life: Manifest, dream, plan, and then do it!I’ve developed events and workshops to add a little extra love. Our goal is to tap into your purpose, passion, and talents to create power, abundance and ease.

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If you’re done with frustration and ready to capture your personal fulfillment, happiness, and freedom, I’ll guide you to get a clear picture and take action steps towards achieving your goals.

We have the power to transform our lives and live in abundance to manifest our heart’s desires. We can always start fresh to create our reality the way we want.

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