Welcome! I am so glad that you are here.

I am Bailey Frumen, MSW, LCSW, psychotherapist, coach, author, and founder of the Life + Leadership Coach Training experience you are about to step into.

In 2013, after nearly ten years of being a therapist, I took a leap from my traditional therapy practice to start my coaching business. In the beginning, it felt as if I was creating a business through trial-by-fire, just learning as I went along. I deeply craved a coaching program that showed me a clear roadmap to becoming a coach AND having a successful business.

Since that time, I have not only created a thriving 6-figure business that I love but a life of freedom that supports my purpose in the world.

The Life + Leadership Coach Training program has been designed with the 3 most important elements of becoming a coach in mind: How to Coach, How to Market Your Business, and How to Launch a Successful Coaching practice.

Bringing together the tools that I have learned as a therapist as well as the lessons and education that I have experienced as an entrepreneur, the Life + Leadership Coach Training program is a holistic approach to feeling confident, successful, and impactful as a coach and entrepreneur.

Again, welcome to the next level of YOU.


“Life isn’t about finding yourself.

Life is about creating yourself.”

– George Bernard Shaw



I think I know why you are here.

  • You desire to be a change-maker
  • You want the freedom of your time
  • You want to learn how to help others achieve their personal best
  • You believe in the power of inspired leadership
  • You want to live your best life


You are also here because you want a clear roadmap to becoming the coach and leader that you are meant to be.


The Life + Leadership Coach Training experience is for people who want to coach with confidence, lead with clarity, and enjoy success along the way.

“Prior to starting this program with Bailey, I knew where I wanted to get and what I wanted to do, but I didn’t know how I was going to get there. The Life + Leadership Coach Training program allowed me to gain more confidence, clarity and direction in my pursuit to achieve my goal. I’m happy to report that I have a flourishing coaching business – and I love what I do!” – Jennifer Kate Eisenman, Empowerment Coach



Through the Life + Leadership Coach Training, you’ll be using your own personal development as the starting point for how you work with clients. Being a great leader and coach doesn’t come from following a “how-to” manual or checklist. It starts with going deeply within. In this sense, the training goes beyond simply building a coaching business —it teaches you how to walk your talk and live your most inspired life & leadership.



You will be able to:

  • Know your ideal client
  • Feel confident in your ability to coach
  • Create your packages + programs
  • Know how you feel best serving
  • Market to the right audience
  • Create a business you LOVE!

“Before the Life + Leadership Coach Training program, I was struggling to understand what it was that I wanted to do with my life. Since completing the Life + Leadership Coach Training program, I feel like I have a better understanding of the behind the scene of a solo coaching practice. I loved that it was super easy to follow with weekly modules. I did love that I could always do the work on my own time. I will continue to use the tools learned from the program to enhance my career, relationship, and personal wellbeing. The program was perfect for me!” – René Ponticello, MA + School Psychologist



YOU are a

leader. mentor. confidant. an entrepreneur, a doctor. a teacher. a coach. an executive. a business owner. in management.

YOU have a

discerning eye. positive attitude. enjoy quality experiences. you expect nothing but the best. passion to lead & inspire others.

YOU want

freedom, fulfillment. to be the best you. level up your life…your business…your leadership. to create great abundance & success.

Coaching tends to be focused on the “here and now,” on goal setting, motivation, and accountability for personal change.

“Before the Life + Leadership Coach Training Program, I struggled asking for people to pay for my services.

Since the program, I feel much more confident with my ability thanks to the program. I am not fearful of asking for an exchange for my services, as I feel they are even more valuable for having gone through the program.” – Sophia, LLCT Graduate



Life Coaching is for YOU if…

  • You want the freedom of your time
  • You want to create an impact
  • You want the exact path to becoming a coach
  • You want to have a successful business
  • You believe that there are more career pathways
  • You want to confidently  market your business
  • Learn how to effectively coach from a psychotherapist
  • Learn how to launch your own business
  • Be on the cutting edge of life + leadership coaching


You might want to sit this one out if…

  • You have trouble committing to you and don’t trust yourself to complete the training program
  • You aren’t ready to work on your personal successes or challenges, taking a good look at yourself first
  • You’re feeling totally stressed out by bills and debt
  • You feel like chaos follows you and you have a tendency to say “yes” to too many things and then not follow-through (follow-through is important)
“Before working with Bailey, I was struggling with finding my direction forward. I wanted to pursue a path that would best use my abilities and passions to build a life I love.
Since the Life and Leadership Coach Training Program, I’ve found clarity on what I have to offer. I’ve learned how to share what I have to offer with others, and how to exude more joy and authenticity daily. I’ve made decisions that put me in the position to enjoy my life more without feeling the intense guilt I used to experience.
I’m excited to continue writing and creating useful content, to be more independent, creative, and healthy as I create time for me on my terms.” – Nicole Salvatore



Now is the time to say YES to YOU.


  • Lack of clarity about ideal client and coaching

  • No marketing experience

  • Uncertain about how to launch a coaching business

  • Difficulty in running a successful 6-figure business

  • Confused about the unique niche in the coaching market

  • Lack of confidence in sharing your voice or message

“Before the LLCT program, I had difficulty with my confidence and direction on what my purpose is! 

What I loved most about the program was the women I got to meet. Everyone was so great and supportive. We had an amazing little family cheering everyone on!

I’m excited to step into what feels like the new me, and the real me! In all facets of life. More confidence equals better relationships across the board and I’m excited to continue to make space for creativity!” – Alyssa Woitach, LLCT Graduate




  • Weekly Training Modules
  • Homework to compliment your training
  • All texts & materials
  • Private Facebook Community


  • Monthly 2hr Live Seminars (via zoom)
  • Monthly All-Access Office Hours (via zoom)
  • Peer Coaching
  • 3 Full In-Person Training Days (Also available live stream if you are unable to attend in person)


Now is the time to say YES to YOU.



Weekly: Each week’s module lesson goes live, sent directly to your inbox. Each week your assignment may include an audio, video, powerpoint, or reading. All modules are designed to depend and enhance your learning and provide an opportunity for new challenges.

Monthly: Each month we will have a 2-hr Live Seminar and a 2-hr Office Hours block (via zoom), both from 1-3pm EST(with a short mid-way break). Our conference call service creates a virtual classroom where students can raise your hand as well as comment and contribute to our group conversation.

Twice a Month: Our “Field Work” calls are held twice a month with your peers. This is your opportunity to practice and receive feedback on your coaching, as participants give and receive live coaching on real topics. Some weeks, we’ll meet as one group, other weeks in small groups and sometimes you’ll swap sessions. We work together to model and provide feedback along the way.


Now is the time to say YES to YOU.



What is the time commitment? 

You will want to plan approximately 2-3 hours each week for completing your modules + homework. Each month, you will also want to carve out 4-6 hours for our live seminars, office hours, and peer coaching connections. See the calendar for the dates when we’re planning to have calls.

What’s the timeline for completion? 

We start in October 2019 and finish our training in March 2020. Two breaks have been built into our calendar to support our winter breaks.

What if I need to miss a call? 

All live seminars and office hours will be recorded. If you are unable to attend live, you must review the course material within 7 days of the recording release.

What if I can’t make it to full-day live trainings?
If you are unable to participate in the full-day live trainings we also available live stream if you are unable to attend in person a virtual option will be provided to you but in-person attendance is highly encouraged if possible.

What airport would I use for the full-day live trainings?

There are lots of airport options, Newark Liberty (EWR) is the closest. John F Kennedy (JFK) also has many frequent flights to the area. From any airport, there is train, bus, or taxi transportation available.

What if I change my mind, halfway through the training? Can I quit? 

You’ve got to be in it to win it. Creating a catalyst for change means being committed to your vision. We are here to support you if you run into roadblocks (we all do from time to time). But if leaving the door open to quit is a strong concern for you, we invite you to take it as a sign that this program is not right for you.

Our cancellation policy is as follows—We understand that things happen. Cancellation before, or within, 24 hours of payment will be refunded in full. We do ask that you complete at least 7 full days of the program, including the welcome workbook. If you still wish to cancel within 14 days of purchase, you will be refunded no more than 50%. If you choose to cancel within 30 days of purchase, you will be refunded no more than 25%. We will not issue refunds for cancellations requested after 30 days.

I’m already a coach and looking for a high-level experience to elevate my practice. How do I know if this is right for me? 

The Life + Leadership Coach Training program is an experience unlike any other in that we believe that the pathway to becoming a successful coach starts with working on yourself first. Only when we know who we are and how we want to show up in the world can we confidently attract our ideal clients. As a coach, you will find that this program can uniquely deepen your coaching work, teach you how to market your business, and support you in developing the kind of coaching business success that you’ve been craving.

I’m not interested in becoming a coach, but the curriculum looks amazing and I just want to follow along. Can I do that? 

Absolutely! This training is a fantastic journey for business owners, team leaders, and entrepreneurs who simple desire to lead with confidence and clarity. The more the merrier!

Is this program endorsed by any coaching institution? 

The Life + Leadership Coach Training program models its training experience after the International Coaching Federation requirements (in other words, the Life + Leadership Coach Training program covers topics the ICF requires, and requires all trainees to accrue one-on-one training time with real clients), but is not specifically endorsed by the ICF.

It is important to note that there is no licensing board or governing body for the life coaching industry. Organizations such as the International Coaching Federation (ICF) or the International Association of Coaching (ICA) are independent entities which offer courses to learn to become a coach but do not serve any authority in being a governing body within the coaching industry. You do not need to attend training endorsed by a coaching institution such as the ICF, in order to apply for certification as a coach. You do not have to be certified, in order to become a coach.

Life + Leadership Coach Training attendees who desire to become certified through an institution such as the ICF will be welcome to do so, and would utilize the ICF’s “ACC Portfolio Accreditation Path” if you desire their designation.

If there is no governing body for life coaches, then why should I get training? 

We believe that being a confident, ethical, and responsible coach requires a high-level skill-set, especially one that requires one-on-one coaching hours with clients. Exceptional coach training should always involve support and guidance from experienced coaches. That’s what makes you best for your clients.

With a solid basis for coach training, the next step to coaching success is knowing how to develop a coaching practice, launch a successful coaching business, and market effectively to your ideal clients. The Life + Leadership Coach Training experience provides the opportunity to accomplish all of these goals and more.


“Before the LLCT program, I struggled with believing I had time to take the coaching course and I struggled with believing I could do all that was necessary to accomplish the course material and modules.

Since the program things have shifted. I feel more in the flow and actually living the life that I desire to live. Somehow I was able to not just finish the course but also feel more in control of my time and the things I value most.

I loved Bailey’s ability to share her knowledge of coaching and all it entails in a very succinct and understandable way. Each step was laid out for us and I was able to grasp how my coaching business would look and feel for me. It was very empowering and insightful.” – Jennifer Wielage, LLCT Graduate 



We’re going DEEP! In our full-day live trainings we will be focused on the core elements of putting our coaching into action and diving into business development.

Our full-day live trainings will also include time to focus on YOU, the coach. We’ll look at your work/life balance as well as the difference between working in your biz vs. on your biz.





  • Weekly Training Modules
  • Homework to compliment your training
  • All texts & materials
  • Private Facebook Community


  • Monthly 2hr Live Seminars
  • Monthly All-Access Office Hours
  • Peer Coaching
  • 3 Full In-Person Training Days


REGULARLY $6500 – ENROLLMENT SPECIAL $5500 (until June 30th)

PAYMENT PLAN OPTION: $497/mth (12 installments)


Now is the time to say YES to YOU.

If you are ready to create your big impact in the world, let’s get started now!

The enrollment period for this next Life + Leadership Coach Training program ends on Sept 1st.


To Apply Now:

  1. Click this link to submit your application
  2. Alternatively, you can email to request an application be sent to you as a PDF attachment

Congratulations!! I can’t wait to get started!

Bailey + the LLCT Team