• Entrusted with that important additional project or responsibility at work (that no one else will do)…
  • Coaching the neighborhood kids’ soccer team (in your “copious” spare time)…
  • What started as running to blow off steam after work… is now decathlon training.
  • Heading up your local school’s volunteer program (and putting in more hours than anyone else)…
  • Chairing the board for a growing charitable foundation (and the PTA and your homeowner’s association and…)
(You get the idea).
If there is a leadership role within spitting distance, a way to excel and be the best, you are so THERE. You take on more, without hesitation.
Like other successful Type A’s you hold yourself to a standard of excellence that most would find… intimidating. Whatever you touch, you’re driven to do it better, improve it, perfect it. And it’s not ‘cause you think you’re better than anyone else, it’s just that: You’re incapable of settling for anything less. 
You work hard. Follow the rules. Accept more responsibility. Take care of everyone. (Except yourself). For your efforts, you’ve earned the prestigious titles, degrees and certificates… The corner office, rapidly growing business or 2.5 jobs… The 60- to 70-hour work week.
You are accomplished. A high-achiever. The resident go-getter. You can’t help yourself. It’s how you’re wired. It’s a huge gift… that comes with a price.

The Problem: The High Achiever’s Dirty Secret

From the outside, things look pretty good. You have the big house, the attractive partner, the 2.3 kids. The high-powered career. The fat bank account. You have the external trappings of success. You’re making an impact. Wielding your influence. You’ve made it… Right?
Except… behind closed doors: You’re not happy. You feel there’s something missing. Like, is this all there is? You realize that what you’ve been doing isn’t working anymore.

The Hamster Wheel Syndrome: Action with No Purpose

When quick-start entrepreneur Michele started working with me, she was “running in 6 directions, getting nowhere fast.” Running on a hamster wheel of endless busy-ness, Michele felt scattered and unfocused.
A take-charge, get-it-done kind of business owner, Mike’s comfort zone was task, completion, task, completion. But his goals had no soul. “I don’t even know if I’m supposed to be in this business right now. I don’t even know what I’m doing,” he confessed.

Perfection Paralysis: Big Vision, No Movement

Jeff, a Finance executive, had the opposite problem (the other side of the same coin). “The thing about me is, I will think about things and it’ll be like a record skipping in my head and I won’t ever actually do anything about it.”
Health coach Julie said, “Before working with Bailey, I was scared to make any changes in my life because I was always worried about whether I would measure up to my own high expectations, so I stalled and did nothing instead.”

The Depletion Cycle: Taking Care of Everyone & Everything Else First

A single mom and real estate appraiser, Nancy said, “I was so caught up with surviving that I completely disregarded me.”
In a fog, you no longer recognize who you’ve become. As writer and PhD Mariska put it, “I was losing faith in myself.”
Sound familiar?

My Wake-Up Call

As a driven, type-A woman, I was no stranger to working hard and deferring play and free time for someday.

After college, I pushed through a 2-year master’s degree in 12 months, and accepted a position as school social worker that seemed like a dream job, with summers and holidays off. But the job wasn’t enough; I wanted more. To help more people, make a bigger impact.

So I earned a post-Master’s licensure as a Psychotherapist, and started a private practice just 2 years later, while still working full-time at the school. Within 6 months, I had a 2+ year waiting list.

At the school by day, counseling others by nights and weekends, I was working 70 hours a week. I stopped practicing yoga, had zero social life and, along with my husband, was on a first name basis with the Chinese delivery guy.

Then, an inexplicable fear started jolting me awake at 2 in the morning. My eyes would flutter open. Cold sweat beading, heart pounding, a heaviness bearing down on my chest, I felt paralyzed, unable to breathe. A barrage of thoughts began their nightly race: What am I doing? Is this what I really want? If it isn’t what I want, then what do I really want? 

In my line of work, I usually helped other people with this sort of thing. Panic attacks began striking during the day, as I drove from school to office.

Why was this happening? I was stunned—and felt a little betrayed. Didn’t I always do the right thing? THIS was my reward for all my hard work?! I was scared, exhausted, and frankly, annoyed to have my breakneck pace so rudely interrupted.

Diagnosed with adrenal fatigue, admonished by my doctor to slow down, I wish I could say that I did. That I turned my life around, then and there… But I didn’t.

I dutifully went to acupuncture and took the supplements, but didn’t change a single other thing about my lifestyle… So the late night sweats and 70-hour work weeks continued because I didn’t know how to do anything other than work my way through. My husband and I continued having difficulty conceiving because, as the fertility specialist put it, my body was in fight-or-flight mode—and didn’t feel safe enough for a pregnancy.

Let that sink in for a minute…

Finally, when a client cancelled, I took the rare opportunity to sneak out of work and slip into yoga class. Lying in meditation on the mat, the instructor quoted Ralph Waldo Emerson: “A man is what he thinks about all day long.”
My brain went electric. All I thought about all day is how stressed and overwhelmed I was! My panic reached an all-time high.

It was then that all of my training and experience came into play. Using what I’d learned as a psychotherapist, I put together a piece-by-piece approach to truly carve out the life I wanted—as if I were preparing a strategic course of action for a client.

I had to re-write my whole way of living, but knew intuitively that overwhelming myself further would change nothing. I had to make transformation manageable.

I started by breaking life down into 6 areas of focus: physical health, mental/emotional health, spirituality, finances, relationships and career—and laid the groundwork for the Own Your Power Mastery Program.

Getting to Where You Want to Be: Decision Time

I took my own medicine for 6 months… and changes quickly started to follow. When I started taking better care of myself, I had time to think—and a new reality revealed itself:

While I was born to help others, the work I was doing wasn’t fulfilling. I knew I was here to help people lift the fog, connect with purpose, and take action to live lives they love.

I tendered my resignation. Launched my coaching business. And not long after, my daughter Phoebe was on her way. It all began with a decision. A realization that I was no longer willing to wait until retirement to be happy, and that pleasure deferred was no longer an option for me.

I have seen the same results in the many 1-on-1 clients I’ve shared my process with, and want the same results for you: a life of achievement with fulfillment; of happiness, now.

The only question you need ask yourself is: How much longer am I willing to wait?



I help people with 3 things:

1. Getting past the obstacles in their way

2. Defining their vision

3. Creating—and implementing—an action plan

We work together. As the saying goes, A rising tide lifts all boats. In the Own Your Power Mastery Program, you’ll plug into a circle of support and accountability with other ambitious souls on the same journey.


What are you waiting for? Haven’t you waited long enoug


Each week, we’ll cover a different module. To keep you on point and on the ball, you’ll get:

+ Audio recordings with that week’s training delivered to your inbox, to listen to at a time that works for you.
+ Handouts and worksheets in easy-to-access PDF format, to deepen your learning.
+ Homework + accountability sent weekly to take training from theory to ACTION – 
    because you only change what you implement.
+ Bonus video material – my favorite resources to supplement the modules and take you higher.
+ Access to a private Facebook group, with regular access to me and a community of like-minded people–because it is community and accountability that fosters your growth

We have two options for you to take your next step into living your BEST LIFE:

You are an independent self-starter. You are tired of doing it all by yourself and ready to shorted the learning curve to having a life that you love.The self-study option is great for you if…

You just want the manual, the tools, and the roadmap to get you speeding on the path to living a life you love.

INVESTMENT: $597 or 3 monthly payments of $199

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OYP Mastery + Mentorship is for high achieving go-getters who want to move extraordinarily fast in creating their blueprint to clarity, freedom, and fulfillment. In this program, we schedule five 1:1 calls to get you on track and speeding through the process of living life on your own terms.

I will roll up my sleeves and get in the trenches with you, to work on each assignment and to give you the crucial feedback and tools you’ll need to get moving quickly. This is the most popular program and creates the best results, by far because you simply have more time with me and more guidance from me.

Investment: $1497 or 3 payments of $547

So if the Own Your Power Mastery speaks to you…and no that you know what you’re getting–and getting into.

What are you waiting for? Haven’t you waited long enough?

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The Small Print
When do I start?
You can start TODAY in the OYP Mastery self=study experience, just click here and dive right in!
What about OYP + 1:1 Mentorship–How do I know the program is right for me?
Easy-peasy lemon-squeezy: There is an application process, right this way. You’ll have an opportunity to gauge where you are and how the Own Your Power Mastery Program will help launch you into the next era of your life.

The investment
If you’re still reading, then you’re probably waiting for that last bit of info, what’s this gonna cost me?

To which I would say:

How much would you be willing to invest for a life worth living?
A life where you’re jumping out of bed to get started rather than hitting the snooze button to put it off one more minute?

How much would it be worth, to access 15+ years of psychotherapy and coaching research, training and experience? 
Without setting foot in a therapist’s office (again, for most of us 😉 ), from the comfort of your home, in community with other ambitious souls ready to transform?

How much have you invested in the past, in your personal development?
(Hint: If the answer is $0… this program is probably not for you).

What price do you put on happiness?
I wanted to make this decision a no-brainer for you, let’s hop on the phone to see if the Own Your Power Mastery is right for you:


So… Are you ready?

Ready to get off the hamster wheel? 

Ready for real, tangible results? 

Ready to get into the driver’s seat of every area of your life? 
It is go time! I am SO ready and excited to get started with you.

See you on the other side!