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How have you been feeling lately? Overwhelmed? Me too.I saw a sign that said, "Just 2 Saturdays until Christmas." My heart started to race with panic and worry. Thoughts raced..."Am I ready? Did I get all my shopping done? A ...
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Making a Transition to Something New

How’s your plate been feeling, pretty full or spilling over? Transitions, especially from corporate to your dream career or new business are so stinkin’ exciting, especially when you are taking steps forward to make it happen, woo hoo!!The flipside is that transitions can also be sc ...
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How Do You Celebrate? What NOT to Do

Last week was one for the record books...from my guest blog post for the fabulous Katie Den Ouden's Skinny Dip Society blog tour to my very viral Elephant Journal article, Yoga is a Gateway Drug. It was a week of highs for me.I'd love to tell you that I celebrated with a divine candlelit all-orga ...
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Pushing Through the Pain

Happy Monday! We've got a special post today: Life-loving goddess, Katie Den Ouden asked me to join her The Skinny Dip Society: a fabulous blog tour where 20 women join for 20 days, each sharing about her journey to feed the mind, body and soul.Today I will share a rather revealing st ...
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How to Get UnStuck

Ambition can be both the problem AND solution for driven women. Our ambition, zeal, and excitement can put us from a place of inspiration and then send us straight into the hell of overwhelm.In overwhelm we freeze. We get totally stuck and frozen solid. Damn, it’s frustrating.It’s frustrating be ...
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