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Choosing a coach can be tricky business, there are many fabulous ladies (and gents!) out there with wisdom and experience to share. My goal is to be the best coach for YOU. In my practice as a coach, I have merged my nearly ten years of experience as a psychotherapist with my love for living life on your own terms to create a unique offering for ambitious and driven leaders and entrepreneurs.

Let’s see if we’re a match:

Who You Are:

As an ambitious woman with an entrepreneurial spirit who tends to take on too much…and ends up feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, and unsure of your next step to take. You’ve got passions and ambitions that get your heart racing, now you just need to know how to make it happen (while rocking a fantastic work/life balance too).

What’s Not Working For You:

You feel super enthusiastic about your passions but no matter what you do, stress just seems to find it’s way in. When feeling stressed out, you really aren’t sure which direction to turn next and inevitably don’t do anything (even though you really want to), because you are feeling frozen in stress or uncertainty. You are ready to move forward in the direction of making your dreams a reality but just need a little lovin’ guidance to get there.

What You Need Most Right Now:

A magic wand. But really, to have more clarity–a clear and defined path with which to move forward in your intention would be divine. Even better than that would be discovering your purpose, what it is that you are meant to do in the world. Finally, the cherry on top of the cake would be to have full control in balancing it all out–having a business and life you love on your own terms.

Sounds Like You? Let’s Talk.


Take a look at what clients have said about coaching with me:

10577091_10152480019771749_8336794819036713562_n“I consider myself extraordinarily lucky to have been able to work with Bailey.  Let me first preface this by saying that I made a massive mistake in hiring a biz coach earlier in the year that really didn’t gel with me.  It was quite awful and I spent thousands of dollars only to find myself back where I started.  I had lost a lot of faith in coaching, even though I am one myself, and really needed the nurturing and kind yet inspiring and firm belief in me that Bailey gave me.  She is incredible, and always made me feel beautifully supported – not only that, she treated me like a winner, when I had allowed myself to sink into being a victim, and when I took the steps we’d mapped out together, things started to bloom in my own coaching business.
Before working with Bailey, I was losing faith in myself, I was blocked from writing, and really almost unable to step into my role as a coach.  Then I received Bailey’s gentle kick up the butt!  Amazing – when I followed the advice that Bailey and I had discussed would be a great (and aligned) plan to get me going again…. things just started to fall into place and my coaching blossomed.
I really lost my ‘being a victim’ B.S. entirely once I started with what we’d mapped out, and things just started to happen.  I got published in the Huffington Post – so obviously got over my writer’s block!  I got 25 one-off session clients in the space of 3 weeks (and they adore what I’m doing, and more are coming in) and am in the process of signing long-term clients now.  Bailey, you truly set me on fire.  I know it took me a wee while to apply our plan, but once I did, I’ve flown, and I am so grateful for you, and to you.” -Mariska Andersen, PhD, coach and writer at



“Before working with Bailey, I was stuck. I had all this energy that was building up in me. Magical things happened in the Inspired Living Program! I was able to unlock the ideas I was *really* passionate about. New content kept flowing. I created a new offering and was featured on major media sites.
I tend to go full throttle as I chase my goals, but Bailey kept me in check. The best thing about working with her is that she gets it! She knows firsthand what it’s like to be an ambitious woman who deeply desires play and fun. I’m experiencing such bliss as I follow my passions. I’m more productive, efficient, and calm. I felt so loved and cared for with her check-ins, personalized assignments, and special “love notes” when I had a bad day. Girlfriend knows her stuff and always had a perfect resource to share! I can’t believe the transformation that happened in 6 weeks.” –Heather Rampolla, FreshEats Radio


Becca“I love how Bailey has a bubbly, fun vibe but can immediately zero in on your needs and provide warm, loving support in that area. I connected to her immediately, and became addicted to her radiant energy. She empowers you to celebrate the joys of life, and I just love her!”
– Becca Piastrelli, Chief Dabblist

How We Work Together:

You are looking to step out of stress and overwhelm and into the driver’s seat of designing a life you love. Let’s work together to make it happen.


Imagine yourself 3 months from today – feeling as if the fog has finally lifted and the skies are clear for you.

You are in the driver’s seat. 

You feel clear about your vision for the life you want. You feel driven by your mission in the world and most of all: connected to your purpose in the world.
You are living each day on your own terms. You feel fulfilled and abundant in the lifestyle you have designed for yourself. You are lit up by finally living the life you were meant to lead.
Best of all: You have proven to yourself that you can do this.  

Finally. This is the time where you’ve committed each day to living your purpose and staying accountable to take massive action in your life.








Take a look at what clients have said about coaching with me:

gayatri-FLTC-88-e1407689469317“In working with Bailey, I’m learning to manage the ‘overwhelming’ feeling I get with all of the tasks that I take on. Before working with Bailey, I didn’t have a way to manage the many tasks. I had used google calendar, but didn’t find the satisfaction that I found with writing out my list of to-dos every morning and then ticking them off as the day wore on. The 3 most significant improvements I’ve experienced with our coaching have been: Accountability when speaking weekly, Roadmap – I was able to clarify my goals and desires. I was able to even create a roadmap! And Direction – I feel incredibly more focused and purposeful now that I’ve created a roadmap.” – Gayatri Bahl Patel, multi-passionate entrepreneur and actress at and


Christine pic

“I lost my momentum back in April and needed a serious kick in the butt to get me going. Having clear follow up direction after each call gave me the accountability I was missing. Bailey got me to take action in the nicest way possible. I loved the lifestyle design exercise where we went deeper into the different aspects of my overall vision. I got clear on where I wanted my life/relationships/business to be spiritually, mentally, financially, physically, and emotionally.!”
-Christine Haz, Inspired Event Planner at





“Working with Bailey has has given me the courage to start making some big changes in my life.  We worked together to dream up my ideal lifestyle and Bailey was the one who pushed me to realize that all of this is possible and more.  She taught me that getting my toes wet and taking small steps towards my dreams everyday is what leads to major growth.  I have a new found clarity about what I want and a roadmap of how to make it happen.
Before working with Bailey, I was stuck in a cycle of fear and “perfection paralysis”.  I was scared to make any changes in my life because I was always worried about whether I would measure up to my own high expectations, so I stalled and did nothing instead.  Once we started working together in the Inspired Living program I realized that these unrealistic expectations were holding me back.  If I wanted to become “unstuck” all I needed to do was reframe my thoughts and determine why I wanted to make these changes.  Allowing myself the space to make one small change at a time was huge- this is how all great changes are made!  Once I started moving in the direction of my goals my vision became clear.
The Inspired Living program allowed me to remove the nagging pressure and high expectations of myself that ultimately were holding me back.  I was able to take control of not just my business ideas, but each different area of my life and determine what my ideal would be and Bailey was able to help me break that down into actionable steps and goals.  We worked together to create a list of Champagne-celebration-worthy milestones that includes a blog launch, a yoga retreat, and travel to Thailand!
Anyone who is interested in chatting more about how Bailey’s coaching programs can bring more passion and fulfillment to their lives, tell them to reach out to me!  I’d love to share my experiences!” -Julie O’Brien, Holistic Health Coach at
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“Working with Bailey has been nothing but pure joy. Her positive outlook on life and her connection and passion for her work is constantly pouring out of her. If you are looking for a roadmap to the good life, Bailey will help you find your way.”
-Rachel Pesso, Brand Development & Visual Storyteller at






“Before working with Bailey I only had a small vision of what I wanted. After 4 sessions & about 6 weeks, I had my business launched! Bailey helped me figure out exactly what I wanted my business to look & feel like, along with designing the mission I had for myself & my clients. Without Bailey’s help, I would still only be dreaming of having my own coaching business. She is so good & passionate at what she does…I would recommend her services to anyone looking to get the life they’ve dreamed of! Thanks Bailey!”
– Meghan Cleveland, Health Coach





10399883_138290729571_2529276_nBailey is a true light worker. Before working with her, I was totally unsure of how I would ever get out of my full time job that I was miserable in and really do the work that ignites my soul passion. Bailey helped me to create true clarity and massive action around my biggest goals and desires. It was so easy to take aligned action when Bailey guided me to create so much change, sharing her own personal journey and advice, as well as tools for sustainable movement in our time together. I left each call feeling truly empowered and excited, hardly able to contain myself from springing into action on what we had just discussed! I have officially launched a new program that had been a brainchild while working with Bailey, am now only 3 clients away from leaving my full -time job, and am so incredibly HAPPY and PASSIONATE about the work I’m doing in the world! If anyone questions the value of your coaching program, or is hesitant about making the commitment to themselves, please have them e-mail me at, and I’d be more than happy to speak with them about my AMAZING experience!” – Emily Cassel, Life Coach & Founder of Hippies in Heels


Katie Van De Vijver

“Before working with Bailey, I was over stressed and had become insomniac. I wanted more fun in my life and to focus much more on self-care, while I was building my business. I was intrigued by the principle of living life at your terms, everyday.
Te best thing about working with Bailey is her capacity to reframe all of your stories into clear insights and advice that takes you to another level. Her humor and soft way of coaching makes you feel very comfortable to be open with her about your current life situations, fears, beliefs. I also often felt that, despite my stories, for Bailey I was… normal. That eased my mind and gave me courage to take things in hand instead of tapping on my head and not doing anything. I always looked forward to talk to her!” – Katie Van De Vijver, Coach for Expat Spouses at


Nancy Orange

“I remember the visualization board exercise and recall how, in that moment, I realized I did not have a clue about what I actually wanted for myself or what would actually make me happy as a human being. I realized I have been so caught up with surviving as a single Mom, that I have completely disregarded “Me”. No wonder I feel so lost and no wonder I have not been able to engage in a healthy relationship. Bailey has helped me find clarity. I am so happy I met her. It could not have been at a better time in my life. I really needed it.”
– Nancy Cruz [Puerto Rico]




“Bailey served as a coach to me in utilizing individual strengths and gifts to foster personal development in others. Through her guidance and mentorship, my dreams are now realities.”
-Jessica Ford,Fitness Focus Collection



Have questions about the program? Want to make sure it’s a good fit for you?
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